Friday, March 13, 2009


Our next daytime meeting for our Holistic Moms Network chapter has the theme of "GROW". We're going to read a story (maybe Elaine Greenstein's One Little Seed or The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle), and then we'll do a craft. The idea for the craft is to try to grow something from seed, but since we'll be gathering in the meeting room of the local public library, I think soil is probably a bad idea.

So Bess and I are doing an experiment to see if we can get seeds to grow in something other than soil. We have Dragon Tongue beans, Triomphe de Farcy beans, and Burpeeana Early Peas (and some parsley and spearmint, just for the fun of it)

in paper towels and in cotton balls.

We'll keep them wet, we'll keep them on the windowsill (which gets some sun, not a lot), and we'll keep you posted about what happens!

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