Monday, March 16, 2009

And We Have a Winner!

The peas have it!

The little buggers sprouted up this morning, which was VERY exciting! The ones in the paper towels, that is - we're finding that the cotton balls don't really work well for us. The seeds are getting a little moldy. The key to the paper towels is that they dry out between waterings, so the seeds are getting enough water without being too wet.

Since we weren't sure how this was all going to turn out, we decided to add another element to our experiment and do a little bit of ultra-low-tech sprouting. We put some radish seeds in a dressing jar, covered it with cheese cloth, soaked the seeds for about eight hours, and then drained all the water off and left the jar upside down in an empty yogurt container yesterday to dry out. Today, we are rinsing and draining the seeds when we think of it, every few hours. We'll see what happens.


  1. Love the new blog Kelly! Just thought I'd send this link your way since you and Bess are busy sprouting:

    These lentils sprout like crazy in a short period of time and then you can eat them in the yummy curried lentil recipe that follows on her blog. Yum yum yum! Or you could of course see what the sprout turns into...maybe you'll grow a lentil tree ;-) Heehee

  2. Thanks for the idea! The radish seeds grew incredibly well and quickly, and we have lentils soaking as we speak...and what do lentils grow on, anyway?