Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ahimsa Mama on the Road

Today I am writing from Lake Placid, New York via iPhone. My husband is here for work so the whole family made the trip. I love it here - so beautiful and relaxing, and a chance for us to spend a little time together as a family.

I am feeling a little strange about my first foray into mobile blogging. As someone who talks about - and genuinely believes in - voluntary simplicity, I think that my use of technology might be a little inconsistent.

Initially, I resisted all technology. It was awhile before I got a cell phone, and I really didn't carry it with any consistency until I had kids. Even then I was only sure to bring it if someone else was watching them.

But as I've gotten busier and had more responsibilities, I've found it efficient to be able to make calls and check email on the road. I like being able to keep up with everything when I'm out of town speaking or vacationing.

And the world has changed. Technology is important, and everything changes quickly now. Even as technology has taken over our lives (to the degree that we allow it to, anyway), it also allows us unprecedented access to information, and gives us the opportunity to get our ideas out to an ever-widening audience. Though some argue that e-friendships are replacing actual human contact - and for many people they are - it is also pretty exciting and interesting to be able to connect with so many people we would never have met otherwise. Everything in balance.

So, here I sit while my kids nap with their dad, on the floor outside my hotel room, writing. I guess today I think technology is pretty cool.

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