Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Newest Addition

Yes, still talking about laundry. What has my life come to? Actually, it's amazing how much you think about it when you can't do it easily - though our dryer did get fixed yesterday. That said, I currently have laundry drying on the fence anyway. Why waste a warm sunny day?

We decided to install a ceiling mounted laundry airer in our newly-renovated laundry room, for drying small loads of laundry or things that shouldn't go in the dryer. Unfortunately, I don't think outside drying is a good long-term solution for us. For one thing, the winter up here is LONG, not conducive to line-drying laundry. The other thing is that our house is surrounded by trees, which means 1. shade, 2. bird poop, and 3. pollen (which is not a great thing for my boys, both of whom have respiratory issues that are aggravated by allergens to varying degrees). So I think an indoor clothes line is the way to go for us. This one is on pulleys so I can lower it to put the clothes on, and then raise it to get it out of the way and make use of rising heat. So far, I LOVE IT!

And you can't see it in the picture, but I also sewed curtains for the laundry room myself. The hem isn't great, and I had to pull it out a few times on a couple of the curtains (I made three), but you have to start somewhere!

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