Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Indian Night Part II

Since we had sprouted lentils at our Holistic Moms meeting on Monday morning, we decided to have Curried Sprouted Lentils for dinner tonight. We used a recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet blog, as well as her instructions for sprouting (we're planning on making her Italian Rice Salad tomorrow!). We actually had planned on only using half the batch and dropping the other half off at a friend's house tomorrow, but it was so good that we ate more than our half! Luckily it's so easy to make that we'll probably make some more in the morning. We used half brown lentils and half red, and it was very good.

Instead of the cilantro sauce, we used some of our leftover Kheere ka Raita from the other night. Dee-lish!

PS - Lentils grow on a bush. According to Wikipedia: "The lentil or daal or pulse (Lens culinaris) is a bushy annual plant of the legume family, grown for its lens-shaped seeds. It is about 15 inches tall and the seeds grow in pods, usually with two seeds in each."

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