Saturday, October 3, 2009

Garbage Haiku

Our family is participating in the Northwest Earth Institute Eco-Challenge, and our challenge is to reduce the amount of trash we produce as a family. When I told my husband that the goal is to throw out less garbage, he asked me, "Then what are we supposed to do with it?" Make less, silly!

So in honor of the start of our challenge, I have written a Garbage Haiku:

We toss too much trash.
Two full cans a week sometimes!
This week, just one bag?

I'll continue to blog on our progress throughout the Challenge, which ends on October 15. If you'd like to make a pledge on behalf or our family, please click here.

1 comment:

  1. In Portland, we pay .75 per garbage bag (approx 13 gallon sized).

    We have single sort recycling which means we put everything into one bin - all papers, plastics, glass, metals, cardboard.

    We've found that because SO many things can be recycled we typically have 2-3 of the small city required garbage bags per week. One week we had four garbage bags, but that was a heavy cleaning/unpacking week so there were more things that were being thrown away that couldnt be recycled or freecycled.

    I'm heading mow to see more about the Eco-Challenge -- one more opportunity for me to learn another cool thing from you, Kelly!