Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senior Service

I've been having another blah week and haven't quite pulled myself together enough to write. We were away last weekend in Boston and got to see the tall ships in Boston Harbor but we had to rush home early because Sarah was very sick. Turns out that whatever she had was either contagious or was due to something both dogs had eaten, because the night we got home, Chryssi came down with it too. On the bright side, it was fixable, but cleaning up after two large and very sick dogs is extremely exhausting. Then John's mom stayed with us for a couple of days, and I am just re-gaining my bearings after nearly a week of running ragged.

We did have a nice day on Wednesday, though, when our Holistic Moms group went to a local assisted living facility and had snacks and did crafts with the residents. They seemed to really enjoy the kids' company, and I think the kids enjoyed it to once they got over their shyness (even Bess!).

And here's one for good measure, just because it cheers me up:

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