Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Second-Hand Shopping

I've been shopping consignment stores for years for my kids, but truth be told, I've never taken the leap for myself - until yesterday. I was in Madison picking up some of the wonderful drugs that are helping my cancer-ridden dog make it through her days relatively pain-free, and I was in the rare position of being there with no animals or kids, all of whom were home with John. I decided to pop into one of the many second-hand clothing stores in the neighborhood to take a look.

For kids, I've always felt like buying hand-me-downs is one thing. Half the time the stuff is new, and even if it's not, it's barely been worn before the original wearer outgrew it. But for me, I've been ambivalent. I was uncomfortable at first because I was the youngest person in the store at the time. By half. I was afraid that most of the clothes would be, let's say, not my style. I'm no slave to fashion, but, well, you get the idea.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a few things during my fifteen-minute shopping spree that not only fit well, but were really nice, things I would have bought new. And for $45 (which was probably less than what several of the pieces cost new) I got a skirt, two pairs of shorts, two shirts and a sweater. Not a bad deal!

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