Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Paradox of The Peace Book

I've always liked Todd Parr books. I think his bright and colorful illustrations are engaging for young children, if not particularly aesthetically pleasing to me. I like the simple language and the positive message he usually imparts.

One of my favorites has always been The Peace Book. I love the way he makes the idea of ensuring clothing, food and shelter for all accessible to young children, and I like that it includes a diversity of people (even if some of them are blue).

Last night, though, I heard my husband reading this book to my kids and all of a sudden, I was struck by this inconsistency:

Does that fish look free to you? Does he?

See, this is why I need to start writing children's books.

I am a scholar-turned-mother/activist who is interested in sustainable living and social justice. I have published a number of articles and given presentations internationally on the topics of voluntary simplicity and humane parenting. Learn more at my website www.beautifulfriendships.net.

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