Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogging on Gender Issues

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Check out my recent post on Your (Wo)Man In Washington on the issue of college loans and gender equity:
According to the College Board report Trends in College Pricing, "Reductions in revenue from sources other than tuition, particularly state and local appropriations in the public sector, are associated with rapidly rising public college tuition levels in recent years." So here is yet another instance where government spending decisions have a greater negative impact on the economic security of women as compared to men. When are we, as a country, going to step up and show our support for the mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters who care for us?
Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Hi Kelly. Friday's Wall Street Journal had an interesting editorial about boys being weaker readers than girls and your post here reminded me of it. He raises some interesting points and I agree that parents should control internet/gaming time and rules for kids. But, I argued with two things and one is I believe the solution is instilling a love of reading - making it as much fun as gaming, making it come alive, etc. AND I point out that I have taught language arts enrichment classes for a private school and Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, and in ALL my classes above 5th grade - they were dominated by boys.

    I wrote about it in my blog and would love your comments. The author of the editorial also talks (at the end) about homeschooling and how there are no sex differences there (which I also mention). I'd love if you checked it out/commented.

    I so enjoy your blog and will visit again.

    All the best,