Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, I think I have an idea for a children's book.

Bess has a new friend in our yard that she named Slugger. He's a slug, in case you couldn't tell from his name. (Or her name, I'm not really sure how to tell the difference, or if such a difference even exists in slugdom.)

Anyway, she likes to watch him climb the wall and to inspect his slime trail. (It's kind of like watching grass grow, only slower.) I've finally convinced her not to touch him because it scares him (I think) and makes her hand gooey. Yesterday she left some corn husks out after helping me shuck our dinner, and when we got up in the morning he was dining away on them, so she moved him to a shady spot, left him some tasty leaves and checked on him periodically during the day.

So I was thinking - what a cute children's book it would be to have a little girl who loves slimy, slithery, and creepy-crawly things, and who teaches her parents all about how important they are!

Do I hear an illustrator out there???

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