Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eco-Party Planning

I love planning parties. LOVE it. I often think that I've missed my calling in life and really should have made a career as an event planner. I like the short-term nature of the projects, I love the creativity involved, I love seeing it all come together.

My kids' birthdays are both in May, as is my husband's. I've always had a big blast for Bess' birthday (excuse the alliteration, I couldn't resist), and now that she shares the month with her brother, I'm even more excited for the party - especially since it's Harry's first birthday.

But planning a green - or at least greenish - party is a lot of work. For example, it took me like an hour, maybe more, to buy plates, cups and flatware for the party. Using washable plates for the number of people we're having is not really feasible, but I also hate the idea of buying lots of paper goods that are just going to go from grocery store to table to garbage to landfill. So I purchased what I need from a company called Eco-Products. I've purchased from them once before for my Holistic Moms Open House this past winter, and I was very happy with the stuff. They were sturdy and even attractive (as far as "plastic" cups go, though they're not plastic, they're corn-based) - and compostable!

One step closer...

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