Saturday, May 23, 2009

101 Uses for an Empty Milk Carton

Okay....maybe just two. But two pretty cool uses for an empty milk carton!

Today we made a bird box out of an empty milk carton, the idea for which we got from Lydia during our Walkabout at Schiff Nature Preserve yesterday. We filled it with grass and we're hopeful that some birds will come to inhabit it, or at least check it out. We'll see...though Bess felt that ten minutes was plenty of time for some neighbors to move in, I am a bit more realistic. It is supposed to be rainy this week, so maybe some friends will take refuge in our newly-constructed home.

We also made a wallet out of a milk carton, the idea for which we got from Family Fun magazine. It is not a craft for the little ones, but I would say that grade school children could probably do it. I certainly had fun with it.


  1. Oh my! I love that wallet! That is so fantastic.

  2. Ok, thanks A LOT for putting a fallacy in the title. This results in GOOGLE picking it up in it's search engine, leading to a misconception, wasting thousands of people's time who click it, thinking they're really getting 101 uses when in fact it's just two.

    It's extremely frustrating.

    Could you please change it? Much obliged if you do.

    gee whiz!!