Monday, June 1, 2009

Great New Kids' Books!

I've been absent from the bloggosphere for a few days, our family was in Connecticut to celebrate with my sister. She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with her M.S. in biology, and got a job with the Nature Conservancy monitoring plover nesting sites. Yay for her!

Anyway, I'm working on getting some photos of our trip together, but for today I wanted to share a new book series I found while browsing in a bookstore up there. Green Start is a series of board books for little ones that are printed with soy ink on 98% post-consumer recycled materials. We got In the Garden since we're pretty garden-centric these days, but other titles include One Tree, The Five Senses, and Baby Animals. The illustrations are adorable and include kids of all colors. There is even a Parent Page at the end with organic gardening tips, directions on how to grow tomato plants, and recipes for a fresh fruit smoothie and applesauce. I highly recommend these books - suggest them to your local librarian as a great addition to their collection.

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